July 23, 2008
Postcard from Quebec

Bonjour from Quebec! Wish you were here! It's great to be back in Canada, even though I'm still a five-hour flight away from actual home. That's okay, 'cause I have most of my best friends here with me! Here are a bunch of random photos of the last few months for your enjoyment. Ciao!

- Sandra :)

PS My friends at www.mtb-live.com (a really cool site you should check out if you're a race fan), have started the Golden Lap Award for the best MTB XC rider of the year. Go to the Golden Lap site and vote for me (please)! And if you need more reasons to vote for me, check out the video below. Thanks! :)

Heinz, Marlena, Me, Mical, Christina and Beat in the barn at the Aebischer family farm.

A muddy-faced me after a training ride with an unimpressed cat.

Check out our ride in Fort William. It was my first time driving on the "wrong" side of the road and this was one big wagon for those teeny Scottish roads!

Me and my Mom playing a wicked game of air hockey. My Mom makes a formidable opponent.

The cheese plate at the Hotel Giverola buffet... mmm....

Spanish hot chocolate. It's like drinking hot dark chocolate pudding. Need I say more?

The kitchen during my altitude training camp in Livigno, Italy.

Me and Kika in downtown Bern the night of a Euro2008 match. We're drinking Panache and toasting the Swiss team.

Me and some fans celebrating after Switzerland scored!

Me flirtin' with some Italian military men at the Worlds in Italy.

Johanna, Jean Ann, Kika and I, enjoying a downtown Quebec cafe. Jeanine took the photo.

Me, Kika and Jean Ann in downtown Quebec.