June 20, 2007
Back in the homeland
Quebec French, rain, Liberty yogurt, speaking English, Mont-Ste-Anne

Bonjour! I arrived in Quebec on Sunday after racing in Savognin, Switzerland on Saturday. It was a bit of a stressful couple of days, with the travelling, racing, cleaning and packing a muddy bike, etc. I spent Sunday and Monday at the Montreal Airport Travelodge, enjoying the free wireless internet, fitness room with recumbant bike and whirlpool and free continental breakfast. I was excited when Ricky and Stefan pulled up in their HUGE rental car, with hockey bags and bikes stacked on the roof. We shoved my Iron Case into the back and burned on up and east to Mont-Ste-Anne. Now I'm sitting in our condo, waiting for the rain to stop so I can go do some intensity on the course. Should be a blast.

So much has happened since I last updated and I feel very guilty about keeping you all out of the loop, but what can ya do?

I had a great three weeks with Catharine, travelling Europe, racing World Cups and doing some sightseeing on and off the bike (see photos).

Racing has been going well (read the reports) and I'm excited to rip it up in my homeland. My race is this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Very exciting!

I already miss Switzerland (Sepp, Sonya, Daniela, Tussi, Put, the yogurt, the chocolate, the cheese, the Alps), but being here and watching English television, using Canadian dollars and catching up with all the Canadian racers is pretty great too.

Hope everyone's doing well and looking forward to seeing everyone when I get back to the Wet Coast!

I love the Saeco coffee machine at Sepp and Sonya's! Perfect, fresh coffee at the push of a button. Mmmmm....

Check out our sweet rental car we had for driving to and from World Cup #2 in Offenburg, Germany. Autobahn here we come!!!

The cows LOVE Catharine. While we were riding one weekend in Davos, these cows took a liking to us, following us while we rode, motivating us with their clanging cowbells.

A beautiful view of the landscape in Graubuenden, where we spent a weekend to do some solid training with a lot of vertical.

Our first foray into the world of horse meat. (Don't worry, it was old, tired horse.) Served on a searing hot slate stone, we cut off slices of the meat and cooked it to perfection. Tasty? Yay or neigh?

Catharine, Me, Sepp, Cyril, Sonya and Daniela enjoy a pleasant evening in Le Landeron at the south end of Lake Biel.

Catharine and I pose for the touristy shot in front of Luzern's Kappelbruecke.

Me having a pensive moment while staring over the Ruess River in Luzern.

Catharine and my castle in Leuk, where we enjoyed a great sleep after the World Cup in Champery.

A view of the Rhone River from the rooftop of our top-floor room in the castle in Leuk.

Catharine and I enjoying a sunny day on the Gornergrad with a nearly unobstructed view of the Matterhorn.

A view of the Matterhorn taken from Zermatt on the way up the Gornergradbahn.

St. Bernards taking a break from the sunshine on the Gornergrad.

Catharine pushing a stalled car off the Loetschbergtunnel car train. "Wouldn't it suck if a car stalled on this thing?" she asked as we loaded onto the train. "Yeah, that would suck," I replied. Lo and behold, while off-loading, the car in front of us stalled....