August 17, 2007
"Sommer in der Schweiz"
Wearing my winter kit, flooding, weddings...

So I'm back in Switzerland AGAIN. I've been back for about two weeks now and am back in Euro mode. Eating yogurt and muesli, drinking my 4:00 pm coffee, playing cards with my grandparents, racing Euro-style, speaking the Swiss.... It's all good.

All good, except for the weather, which has been seriously schizophrenic lately. So, it's supposed to be mid-August? Yeah right. Feels more like November or April to me -- well, every second day that is. The days in between are August -- hot, sunny and thunderstormy. Last week, Europe, including Switzerland, got drenched in a downpour of epic proportions, resulting in widespread flooding, the likes of which hasn't been seen in a long long time. Weird. Tuesday I rode wearing full on booties, leg warmers, arm warmers, vest, etc., while Wednesday was scorching in just a jersey and shorts. I don't get it. Today I had another nice day for training ('cause yesterday was rainy, cold and windy) on some beautiful, winding country roads. I just wish I had someone to ride with. The songs on my iPod are getting a little old and I'm missing my training buddies. But I'm in luck...

... on August 30, Catharine and Ricky are arriving! They'll only be here for a few days, racing the Swisspower Cup Final, before the head to Scotland to rip it up at the World Championships. I, unfortunately, did not make the cut this time around. :-( But that's okay, I'll just chill out in Europe a little bit longer and wait for Catharine to get back from Scotland, so we can take off again on a road trip to Slovenia for the World Cup Final!!!

I just realized I don't have all that many photos to share... basically all I have are the ones from my double-wedding day -- well, not MY weddings. Ha! That'll be the day! No, July 28 was the day both Bruno (my big bro) and his wife, Stefanie, AND my good friends Tracy and Evan got married. Luckily the festivities were staggered throughout the day, so I was able to attend both. Congrats to Bruno and Stefanie and to Tracy and Evan!

Also check out my updated race reports. There are some new photos there too!

Me and my Mom all dressed up....

Me on Burnaby Mtn for Bruno and Stefanie's wedding. Common reactions to my appearance: "Wow, Sandra, I didn't recognize you without your cycling clothing on." and "I think this is the first time I've seen you wearing a dress."

Stefanie and Bruno: Happy to be hitched.

The Walter Family, including new addition: Mrs. Stefanie Walter.

Me, Kyle, Shayla and Evan ripping it up at Wedding #2 - Tracy and Evan's.

Me and Shayla having a good time -- Rrrrrrrowww!