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From the moment I learned to read and write, the written word has inspired me. As a young girl, I spent countless hours curled up in various cozy places, plowing through novels. In school, my problem with meeting the assigned word limit was the opposite of most. I always had too many words!

One day in Grade 2, I was called down the principal’s office. Being a bit of a goody-goody, it caused my heart to race and I racked my brain: What could I possibly have done wrong?! Turns out, my teacher had informed Mr. Kroeker, that I had written a 13-page story (I think the assignment required only two pages) and he wanted to congratulate me in person. He awarded me by affixing a shiny sticker of the word “fantastic” to the top of the foolscap first page of my story.

In hindsight, rewarding me for writing too many words was probably not the best idea, considering I still spend most of my writing time composing and then editing the heck out of what I spent hours creating. But for every writer, the creative process is unique. Mine was developed over years and years of writing too much. It could be worse.


  • Bachelor of Arts, 2003, University of Victoria. Major: Non-Fiction Writing / Minor: Professional Writing


  • Pedal Magazine, 2002-present – Regular freelance contributor.
  •, 2005-present – Regular contributor, content editor.
  • – 2009-present – Regular contributor, content editor.
  • Bike Trade Canada – 2008-present – Occasional freelance contributor
  • IMPACT Magazine – 2012 – Freelance contributor

Professional writing:

  • Local Ride Events – 2014 – Marketing duties including, media releases, web content, social media, newsletter writing, graphic design.
  • Cycling BC – 2014 – Media releases
  • Giant Bicycle Canada & Liv/giant Canada – 2013-present – Marketing duties including, media releases, social media.
  • Local Ride Bike Shop, 2005-2013 – Marketing duties including, media releases, web content, social media, newsletter writing, graphic design.
  • Taraxca Jewellery, 2010 – Marketing duties, including web content, social media, newsletter writing.

Writing Samples:


  • Starting at $45/hour or $0.30/word. Rates depend on project (ie. Basic media releases start at $45/hr or $0.30/word; Original content/advertising starts at $75/hr or $1.00/word. ‘Per project’ rates also available). Please inquire.

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