Reviewed: Q Energy Drink

Many of you who race bikes in BC have probably come across Q Energy Drink. The North Vancouver company supports a lot of local events with free samples of its awesome product, which distinguishes itself from the masses of energy drink products in many ways.

I had the opportunity to speak with Q owner Jason May about what makes his energy drink different. The biggest factors are summarized in its taglines: “Naturally Awesome” and “The Healthy Energy Drink.” Q contains only natural ingredients, which means no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colour, or anything else. The Q formula was developed by a professional dietician who’s an expert on nutrition and sports.

It’s a low-calorie energy drink, so the target audience is people who are doing shorter workouts and want a boost, but don’t want to ingest excess calories to defeat the purpose of their workout. However, Jason assured me, Q has a role for endurance athletes as well. Its composition actually allows athletes who ingest Q along with other food to burn those calories more efficiently. Plus, its natural caffeine sources won’t cause a crash like lots of super-caffeinated, sugary products do. I did find that if I drank Q too late in the evening, I did have trouble falling asleep, so if you have a time cut-off on your coffee drinking, it probably applies to your Q consumption as well.

I really like the idea of an all-natural, locally owned and produced product backed by people who support community events and sport. Jason summed it up: “We like to support people who do stuff.” Already liking the philosophy of Q, I was really ready to like the product.

I started incorporating it into my regime for the cyclocross season, drinking a bottle mixed with Q about 15 minutes before each race. Since ‘cross races are short (45 minutes), I didn’t feel the need to take on a bunch of calories – I just wanted a boost, and that’s what Q gave me. With the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, it wasn’t like I was jacked on uppers, but I did feel perkier on the start line and I did win a lot of races this season… just sayin’.

Besides naturally-sourced caffeine, Q contains lots of healthy stuff, including vitamins, electrolytes, and its namesake: quercetin. I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce it, but quercetin is a powerful natural antioxidant – apparently one sachet of Q contains a bushel of apples’ worth (or thereabouts)!

For those of you who are concerned about manufacturing (and you all should be, whether or not you’re an elite athlete), Jason assured me he toured several facilities (some of which were appalling!), before he decided on the Burnaby, BC plant that would be in charge of producing Q. This manufacturer is also NSF Certified for Sport, which means you can rest assured that what’s on the label is what’s in the product – and only that. As a national team athlete, I can be tested at any time, so this is of major importance to me.

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