Reviewed: Catlike Whisper Plus Helmet

Everyone recognizes the Catlike Whisper Plus helmet (available in Canada from your authorized Lambert dealer), whether they realize it or not. It stands out. Some people are not overly keen on its unique aesthetics, but even they would have to agree that its function is top-notch upon trying the lid out. It has been compared to a beehive, an alien, an insect, and a sculpture, but beyond looks, it’s an ultra-light, very airy, and incredibly comfortable cycling helmet… and it has a great personality. I personally find this made-in-Spain helmet’s special design to be super-stylish. I also like the fact that it comes in a range of sizes in a time when making one-size-fits-all helmets seems to be the trend. The size “S” snugly fits my smallish noggin, but those of you with really little craniums might run out of clicks of the easy-to-use retention system adjustment dial.

The first time I tried on the Whisper Plus was a day I had ridden to the bike shop wearing my old helmet. I took off that one and put on the Whisper Plus, then walked across the room to check myself out in the mirror. I stopped mid-step in surprise, because I actually felt the air moving over my head. That sold me right there. If I could feel its impeccable ventilation at walking speed, imagine what it would be like at cycling speed! The Whisper Plus has 39 vents designed for maximum airflow, meets all of the necessary safety standards, and weighs only 240 grams.

Perhaps my only criticism of the Whisper Plus is that in cool weather, it’s too cold! Its greatest strength on hot days is also its greatest weakness for cold-weather riding. For those of you who – like me – ride year-round, I’d recommend finding a nice, comfortable beanie that fits under your Whisper Plus for those nippy days.The Catlike Whisper Plus stands out in a crowd, not only due to its unconventional appearance, but most importantly, because of its performance. Yes, at $200+, consumers should expect an awesome helmet, and with the Catlike Whisper Plus, they get one.

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