Reviewed: Liv/giant Fisso Short

Ultra-comfortable, True women’s fit, Affordable.

The Liv/giant Fisso short is one of the most comfortable pairs of cycling shorts I’ve ever worn – and I have worn a lot. Those of you who have been cycling regularly for some time know how significant my claim is, and for those just getting into the sport, thanks to the Fisso, you should never have to discover how wearing a truly awful pair of shorts feels. Over the years I’ve coined the term “cardboard chamois” and suffered in way too many shorts that were heavily padded nearly up to my naval, yet were tragically lacking where it counts for us ladies. Back in the day when there was no such thing as “women’s specific”, some of my cycling mentors suggested I wear two pairs of shorts to help my discomfort issues. You can imagine wearing two pairs of ill-fitting shorts did not solve the problem. Another woman told me to remove the padding completely. That was probably a better idea, but I didn’t like the idea of having no cush whatsoever. Yes, things have come a long way in cycling wear – and women’s cycling clothing in particular. Thank goodness!

Back to the Fisso – I was a bit skeptical when I picked up this basic black piece, because the chamois, although a pretty Liv/giant purple, felt rather thin. However, just like a good bicycle saddle does not have to be thickly padded to be comfortable, neither does a comfy chamois. It’s the shape of the chamois that’s important and the Italian-made chamois in the Fisso proved very comfortable, even during long days in the saddle. I like the overall fit of the short as well. The soft, wide waistband is higher in the back and tapers in the front, so it doesn’t feel restrictive around my middle. I also appreciate that the legs are on the longer side, as opposed to lots of other women’s shorts that tend to be super short. The Fisso fabric is silky, but a little bit thin for winter riding and mountain biking, for which I would suggest wearing another layer on top for extra insulation and protection, but for a spin in the hot summer sun, they are perfect.

Overall the Fisso short is a fantastic cycling short for every day, all-day riding, and at MSRP $64.99 it offers amazing value and the comfort of a piece twice the price.

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