Summertime Update

Jeanine and me on Highway 102 near Gibsons.

Lots has happened since I last posted! It has definitely been an action-packed month or two, which is especially surprising, since I thought once I returned from the east, there would be nothing left to do! Jeanine and I spent a very fun-filled few days camping and biking on the Sunshine Coast. Of course, we also filled the gaps in between with coffee-drinking, eating yummy food, doing yoga (yes, I got Jeanine to a yoga class!), and hanging on the beach. The Sunshine Coast trip was a really nice and relaxing – the perfect way to decompress and slow down a little after all of those weeks on the road and racing.

On July 21, I had a great time racing Gearjammer in Squamish. I was joined on the start line by Local Ride Racing buddies, Jeanine, Ryan, Steve, Carsten, and Paul, while Marie and Dave did the dirty work (feeding and support duties). Thank you!!! I had a fantastic race on some of the sweetest trails in Squamish (and in the world!), winning the women’s category and placing 17th overall.

Afterwards, a bunch of us headed to Whistler for the night, where we didn’t do much, because we were all so cracked from the race. (At least I was.) The cracked feeling did not going away, and the next day was rainy and very unmotivating. Eventually, Ryan and I got out for an easy mountain bike ride (after we had returned home), but it was extremely hard to drag myself out!

On July 25 I finally got the news from Cycling Canada – I have been selected to represent Canada at the 2012 UCI MTB XCO World Championships in Saalfelden, Austria on September 8! Sorry I’ve been sitting on this news for so long, but I was waiting for Cycling Canada to officially announce it, but something called the “Olympics” (Have you heard of it?) kind of overshadowed the news and I think it got a bit buried. Anyway, I am extremely excited and pleased and stoked and relieved! All of my hard work and personal best results this season are paying off!

The next day, Jean Ann and I found ourselves driving all the way to Fernie, B.C. to race the TransRockies seven-day mountain bike stage race in the Open Women’s team of two category. “How did that happen,” you ask? I’m kind of asking myself the same thing! It was kind of a last-minute idea and it just happened to work out (okay, we had to shuffle work shifts around and beg our boss [Local Ride Bike Shop’s Barry] and co-workers to cover for us). TransRockies will be a whole other post, so I will continue on with my running list of goings-on.

After TransRockies, it appears things have calmed down slightly. Okay, maybe not really. Jean Ann talked me into going to Whistler on Friday to team up for the Crankworx Fat Tire Crit, which saw racers hit a 800m long course consisting of pavement, paving stones, a particularly gnarly gravel corner, and a ramp jump for a frantic race of 15 minutes plus three laps. Jean Ann crashed hard in the aforementioned gravel corner during pre-ride and gouged her knee pretty gorily. She wasn’t sure she would be able to race (start time was imminent!), but right before horn went, I saw her pull up to the line sporting a gauze-wrapped knee. Sweet. She is such an Animal.

The start was as fast as one would expect it to be in a 15-minute crit with a bunch of prize money on the line, primes to be randomly announced, and riders to be pulled off the back just as randomly. Basically, the key strategy was to always be near the front for fear of being pulled. Lauren Rosser gav’er and I jumped on her wheel. I basically followed attacks until Jean Ann pulled off an attack of her own and went on a multi-lap solo breakaway, picking up two primes along the way. Sweet! I did my job of sitting on the chasers and hoped I would have something for the final lap. By the last lap, there were only four of us off the front in a breakaway, with Mical Dyck (Pro City Cycling) dangling off the back. Everyone else had been asked politely to leave the course. I am lacking a bit of tactical practice and had a hard time making passes on the narrow course (okay, I was also a little afraid of crashing!), so I ended up fourth, with Jean Ann taking third. It was a really fun event and it was kind of cool that it was so short. Giant superstar Kelli Emmett won, with Rozara Joseph second.

Check out the Official Crankworx Fat Tire Crit Video

Check out Mical Dyck’s GO PRO Crankworx Fat Tire Crit Video

Crankworx from Regan Pringle on Vimeo.

On Sunday, we had a really fun mountain bike ride and BBQ here on Burke Mountain. This weekend, I will be racing JABR (Just Another Bike Race) in Squamish, the final race in the Hell of a Series. The course has been revised from last year to include some new trails. NEW TRAILS!!!!! Something else that’s coming up that I’m really looking forward to is a mountain biking/camping trip in the Chilcotins with Ryan, Keith, Kika, and Matherine. I’ve never been to the Chilcotins, but oh, I’ve heard about ‘em! Can’t wait.

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