• Andorra World Championships!

    After an amazing few weeks training in Europe at altitude with super-awesome people, it was finally time for the World Championships, held at 1,900+m atop a mountain in the Andorran Pyrenees at the ski resort of Vallnord. My first rides on the course gave me the impression that the race would be dry and fast, …

  • Canada es Panamericano!

    After another few days up at Big Bear Lake, it was finally time to head south to Cota, Colombia for my first Pan American Championship. I’d been to South America before as a backpacker, but never in the capacity of athlete. It was definitely a different approach and I knew I wouldn’t really get to …

  • Big Bear Lake Altitude Camp and Fontana US Cup Report

    We arrived at Big Bear Lake in the dark after a delicious dinner stop at the Artist Pizzeria in Covina and mandatory Trader Joe’s run, so I didn’t see where we were until the next day when the sun nearly blinded me as I stepped outside. The sun just feels that much closer and more …

  • Open Season in Bonelli

    This past weekend was my XC season kick-off in sweltering California. For March, even the Californians were out of their element in the 30+ C heat. I started the week in lovely Laguna Beach with my even lovelier cousins, Ulrike and Bernd, who treated me like royalty and once again risked never getting rid of …

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  • 1st – Nov 2 – Pumpkin Cross – Maple Ridge
  • 6th – Oct 25 – Manitoba GP of CX – Winnipeg
  • 2nd – Oct 24 – Canadian CX Championships – Winnipeg

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